What’s your role – Transformer, Bridge Builder or Radical Innovator?

I’ve recently thought a bit about the different roles we play in changing things. The roles that we play are not what we are, and no one except for ourselves know who we are. The overview here has been used in strategic thinking sessions about the future role of Hub Melbourne and The Holos Group. Continue reading What’s your role – Transformer, Bridge Builder or Radical Innovator?

The forces of historical change

“Willis Harman’s Global Mind Change from 1988 is a completely different kind of ‘trend’ book. The author anticipates a major paradigm change that could transform society. This could be as radical as the earth-shaking shifts in views of reality that took place when the ‘modern’ worldview began to take shape in the seventeenth century. According to Harman, the origins of present global problems are to … Continue reading The forces of historical change

Projective spaces or images

                                A projective space or image is one that can cause a psychological response that could, potentially, bring an observer’s unconscious thoughts to the surface. Rothko believed that the compositional format of his mature works allowed for this sort of experience. If meditated upon, these colored spaces have the potential … Continue reading Projective spaces or images


About the game Oware – from Mancala World: “The game plays an important role in the Epic of Sundjata (c.1210-1255 or 1260), the first king and founder of the Mali Empire. It also appears to have been mentioned by the English traveller Richard Jobson who had been in Gambia in 1620. He wrote in his account Golden Trade (1623): In the heat of the day, … Continue reading Oware