2013 – The Year of Parallel Entrepreneurship

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket A while ago I heard Pete Williams at Centre for the Edge / Deloitte Digital talk about the innovation philosophy at his organisation. He said that rather than give a big chunk of money to launch one big project or idea, they give a small amount to prototype ten different small projects. Why? Because, in general, out … Continue reading 2013 – The Year of Parallel Entrepreneurship

We Don’t Need a Map

Satellite image of Kumpupirntily (Lake Disappointment) in Western Australia I read the newspapers and watch the news about bush fires destroying properties in Tasmania.  I go to the art exhibition at Fremantle Arts Centre called We Don’t Need a Map, which illustrates the indigenous Martu experience of the Western Australian desert. One artwork is about the Martu people, their relation to fire and how they … Continue reading We Don’t Need a Map