Four inspiring thinkers: Abe, Teilhard, Bucky & Barbara

“I read like a starving person hungry for meaning in life. It felt to me like a matter of survival. Soon I discovered the thinkers who gave me the basis of my views on the future. I consider them, among many others now, to be founders of the vision of a positive future which finally emerged for me during this period. 

The first thinker was Abraham Maslow, the psychologist who founded Humanistic Psychology. He studied well rather than sick people. He noticed that every fully functioning, joyful productive person had one trait in common, chosen work they found intrinsically self-rewarding. I realised that human nature is so designed that we must self express and self actualise. I saw that the first meaning of our new powers was to liberate individuals to find and realise life purpose. This was the time of the awaking of the women’s movement. I saw that we were about to shift from maximum procreation to co-creation. As we reached the limits to population growth, and as we live longer lives and have fewer children, this creativity, this longing for life purpose and vocation in women, and in men, could be released. Under-used creativity seemed to me to be the most powerful untapped resource on Earth, but we did not yet have the social systems to call us forth.

The next great thinker that laid the foundation for a positive future was Teilhard de Chardin. He discovered God in the process of evolution. Through the law of ‘complexity and consciousness’ he saw that as systems become more complex they jump in consciousness and freedom. Planet Earth is a living system. It is becoming more complex. It is about to jump in consciousness and freedom. Each of us is a member of this planetary body. As we interact and interconnect ever more deeply we are being prepared for a quantum jump. He called it Omega. The noosphere, the thinking layer of Earth would get its collective eyes. The deep intuition that we would all be changed, that there was something great is coming was affirmed. This something depended on the interconnection of our whole planet. Here was another meaning of our new powers that is good.

The last thinker was Buckminster Fuller. He wrote that we have the technology, resources and know-how to make of this world a 100% physical success without damage to the environment or disadvantaging anyone. We are citizens of local universe, potentially several billion billionaires, if we only understood our relationship to nature. This is a third meaning of our new powers. If properly used they provide a basis of sustainable sustenance for the whole of humanity. These three thinkers laid the foundations for my exploration of the possibility of a positive future for the whole human race.” 

This is a long quote from futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard‘s paper Conscious Evolution, which I found on the essential 5 volume CD-ROM The Knowledge Base of Futures Studies.

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