Who decides?

  While involved in several start-ups, groups and organisations with collaboration as one of the key values in the last years, I’ve sat through many hours of governance discussions. Holacracy, sociocracy, autocracy and democracy are some examples of governance structures I have heard the ins and outs of.  I’m not that interested in any of them or by governance discussions in general. As long as … Continue reading Who decides?

What goes on in the head of a futurist?

Why is self-reflection so painful? This blog post is about a current struggle. It’s about integrity. It’s about time and energy. It’s about money. It’s about purpose. It started sometime last year when I showed some friends a model of change on a whiteboard in Melbourne. Since then I can’t get it out of my head. Basically it illustrates three roles that change makers can … Continue reading What goes on in the head of a futurist?

Networked Spiral Dynamics

My last post here was in Swedish and if you don’t speak that language it was probably pretty incomprehensible. This post will use a language called Spiral Dynamics and if you are not familiar with that language it will similarly be pretty hard to follow the following thoughts 🙂 Spiral Dynamics is one of my favourite theories about human development. It’s a bit like Maslow’s … Continue reading Networked Spiral Dynamics

Sverige for President

Jag tycker att vi i Sverige har lyckats ganska bra.  Visst, det käbblas fram och tillbaks mellan de politiska blocken om detaljer, och det är möjligt att det blivit en vridning mot höger under senare decennnier, men det verkar som vi svenskar balanserar ganska bra mellan vänster- och högerkrafter. Alla partierna har ju generellt vettiga åsikter (förutom tokstollarna i SD) och jag tycker nu när … Continue reading Sverige for President