SEEKING: New metaphors for heroic entrepreneurship

Most futurists like to use models and frameworks to help people make sense of the world. Here follow two metaphors that I use sometimes when I try to communicate foresight. They can also be used for entrepreneurship. The Hero’s Journey   You’ve probably seen Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey from his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces. This so-called monomyth is an archetypal narrative, which … Continue reading SEEKING: New metaphors for heroic entrepreneurship

What is a Superhero Space?

  I am launching a new non-profit called Superhero Spaces. Superhero Spaces is a not-for-profit organisation which illuminates and strengthens a global network of “superhero spaces”. Excuse me? What’s that? What’s a superhero space? Futurist and Writer Venessa Miemis suggests the following; “superhero school. center for disruptive innovation. continuous learning zone. collective intelligence. live/work startup incubator. community center. hackerspace. makerlab. autonomous zone. permaculture and sustainable … Continue reading What is a Superhero Space?