Injecting the Future

The image here illustrates a model for change we discussed over the weekend in the local Western Australian Future of Learning and Education event for the 3rd Global Education Hackathon. On the x-axis we have time and on the y-axis impact. Those who work in a new or alternative paradigms of education (whether it’s online MOOCs, alternative approaches, peer-to-peer concepts, life-long education, self-directed learning, home … Continue reading Injecting the Future

Intrapreneurs Build Better Typewriters

I recently wrote about the current slow death of the institution. It’s  increasingly obvious that the efficiencies we humans have gained in using institutions (to create scale, while minimizing transaction costs and increasing profits) no longer are relevant. The internet have changed this and institutions are obsolete. Huh? Yes.  As futurist and director of IFTF Marina Gorbis explains in this talk, there is no financial … Continue reading Intrapreneurs Build Better Typewriters