Our Antipathy

I haven’t written anything about the Syrian migrant crisis which have fragmented Europe this year. I wrote about the EU, its borders and potential to bring the local and global together, but beyond these structural challenges, there are other cultural aspects to consider. Earlier this year, Mark Rice-Oxley wrote a piece in The Guardian about our antipathy towards migrants. He noted the struggle between our … Continue reading Our Antipathy

Do We Need More Professional People?

A while ago I tweeted the following: Sometimes people tell me I should be more professional. But I don’t think more professional people is a thing that’s good for our planet. Professional people get more shit done. No doubt about it. They can influence people, engage people and push people to do things. They have more money and power. They dress sharper, have better social … Continue reading Do We Need More Professional People?

Three Scenarios for the Future of Capitalism

We currently see many articles about the the evils of capitalism, the end of capitalism and possible post-capitalism futures. I was invited to talk at the One Planet Anti-Conference a couple of weeks ago on the topic ‘whether or not capitalism can be transformed to “realize” that the earth is capital’. I wasn’t well, so couldn’t do the talk, but thought I’d write down my … Continue reading Three Scenarios for the Future of Capitalism