Intrapreneurs Build Better Typewriters

I recently wrote about the current slow death of the institution. It’s  increasingly obvious that the efficiencies we humans have gained in using institutions (to create scale, while minimizing transaction costs and increasing profits) no longer are relevant. The internet have changed this and institutions are obsolete. Huh? Yes.  As futurist and director of IFTF Marina Gorbis explains in this talk, there is no financial … Continue reading Intrapreneurs Build Better Typewriters

Some of my issues…

This image came up on Facebook yesterday, with the heading: We can now only watch as West Antarctica’s ice sheets collapse, and a link to an article written by a researcher at  ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at Australian National University. And we all reacted in different ways; “Oh my God! This is terrible!!! But I better keep calm and carry on. We will … Continue reading Some of my issues…

The Mystery Train – A new model for thinking about the future

  Some futurists, including me, are obsessed by process. Joseph Voros’ Generic Foresight Process, IDEO’s Design Thinking Process, Otto Scharmer’s Theory U, Graham Wallas’ Creative Process and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey are some, which I have obsessed over in recent years. As you know, a process never describes what reality looks like. Reality is always more complex and messy. The beautiful randomness of  life is … Continue reading The Mystery Train – A new model for thinking about the future

Dare to be Delusional: Beyond Social Entrepreneurship pt. 1

Entrepreneurial Development I’ve been thinking and researching a lot about the development of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs over the past three years. Some elements seem to always be there when an entrepreneur is described; Creative destruction Restlessness and curiosity Listening to people but not believing them A touch of delusion Building structures based on resources, to which the entrepreneur does not yet have access The list … Continue reading Dare to be Delusional: Beyond Social Entrepreneurship pt. 1

SEEKING: New metaphors for heroic entrepreneurship

Most futurists like to use models and frameworks to help people make sense of the world. Here follow two metaphors that I use sometimes when I try to communicate foresight. They can also be used for entrepreneurship. The Hero’s Journey   You’ve probably seen Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey from his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces. This so-called monomyth is an archetypal narrative, which … Continue reading SEEKING: New metaphors for heroic entrepreneurship