Our Antipathy

I haven’t written anything about the Syrian migrant crisis which have fragmented Europe this year. I wrote about the EU, its borders and potential to bring the local and global together, but beyond these structural challenges, there are other cultural aspects to consider. Earlier this year, Mark Rice-Oxley wrote a piece in The Guardian about our antipathy towards migrants. He noted the struggle between our … Continue reading Our Antipathy

SEEKING: New metaphors for heroic entrepreneurship

Most futurists like to use models and frameworks to help people make sense of the world. Here follow two metaphors that I use sometimes when I try to communicate foresight. They can also be used for entrepreneurship. The Hero’s Journey   You’ve probably seen Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey from his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces. This so-called monomyth is an archetypal narrative, which … Continue reading SEEKING: New metaphors for heroic entrepreneurship