Strategic Foresight and Entrepreneurship

adam talk

I am a futurist and a member of the Association of Professional Futurists and the World Futures Studies Federation. I work at the intersection of strategic foresight and entrepreneurship with a focus on broad, long and deep innovation. Broad in the sense that it goes across whole systems and beyond organisations, disciplines and sectors; long in that it is future focused and sustainable in the long term; deep as it questions assumptions and embraces the unknown.

I am an innovator and a entrepreneur with an extensive history in starting up ventures and companies both in Australia and in Europe. My experiences include designing and delivering startup acceleration programs, starting and managing makerspaces, schools and creative hubs; developing apps and board games in the generative idea and strategy development arena, and working as a futurist and strategist in the innovation and entrepreneurship space.

Beyond consulting and presenting as a futurist, I am currently involved in two ventures:

  • Superhero Spaces – an online non-profit, which aims to highlight and champion a global network of creative spaces.
  • The Naval Store – A 1400m2 living lab for the new economy and a space to prototype the future in Fremantle, Western Australia.

I am one of the key members of the the Perth-based enkel collective – a multi-disciplinary collective, which explores new narratives and possibilities for Western Australia.

I am passionate about activating ideas, people and spaces to create innovation and learning networks that transcends organisations, sectors and countries.

If you want to have a chat / collaborate / hire me – get in touch here.