The Holiday-Break-Sense-Making Experiment

Over the Christmas / New Year break I decided to do an experiment. Instead of aimlessly throwing out things that interested and excited me online (retweet them, post them on to my Facebook wall etc), I decided to save them for after the holiday. Instead I wanted to try an experiment where I tried to find logic in the combination of thisĀ  information, of these … Continue reading The Holiday-Break-Sense-Making Experiment

Dare to be Delusional: Beyond Social Entrepreneurship pt. 1

Entrepreneurial Development I’ve been thinking and researching a lot about the development of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs over the past three years. Some elements seem to always be there when an entrepreneur is described; Creative destruction Restlessness and curiosity Listening to people but not believing them A touch of delusion Building structures based on resources, to which the entrepreneur does not yet have access The list … Continue reading Dare to be Delusional: Beyond Social Entrepreneurship pt. 1

Communicating Complexity

Complex things are hard to communicate. But it’s nevertheless important to do it. Here are some of my reflections on how to communicate futures thinking or foresight – the rather complex field I’m working in. You might find some advice on how to communicate the complexities of your field. The post appeared first at the Association of Professional Futurists Emerging Fellows website. *** Communicating Foresight … Continue reading Communicating Complexity